Beach Wedding Jewelry

Choosing your beach wedding jewelry can be great fun as this is another area where you can be truly unique. A great piece of jewelry, whether it be something special (a heritage piece perhaps), something expensive or costume can really add that finishing touch to your wedding look.

Let your earrings, necklace or bracelet say something about your personality.

If you are a feminine girl and it is the romance of the sea that made you choose a beach wedding then go for pretty and delicate pieces or even classic pearls. If you are a retro fashion junkie then why not some large, bold and colorful pieces that will really make an impact.

Beach Wedding Jewelry

Or if you are a bit of a  hippy bride by heart who chose a beach wedding for it's pure freedom then why not a boho piece made from wood! The choices are endless.

Scroll down for some tips on how to wear your beach wedding jewelry.

Of course your beach wedding jewelry can be one or a combination of the following:

Hair Accessories:

Beach wedding hair accessories

Your hair accessories also form part of your beach wedding jewelry and can range from something simple like fresh flowers to pearls, hair pins and tiaras.

Find out more here.

Barefoot Sandals & Anklets:

Barefoot sandals beach wedding jewelry

Of course barefoot sandals is a classic example of jewelry, beach wedding style! They come in a wide range of styles - elegant and made with pearls or other precious stones, crochet, chains, rhinestones, beads and lace. The choice is endless and you can coordinate them with your other wedding jewelry.  Barefoot sandals also make for excellent photo opportunities to show off your perfect wedding pedicure!

If you prefer to wear shoes or sandals, you can still rock this type of look if you opt for an anklet instead of barefoot sandals.

Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings:

A necklace can really accent your neckline and bust and you can go totally understated or make a statement with an oversized piece or a bold color. Or go all sentimental and wear a piece your loved one gave you on a previous special occasion or perhaps something you bought on a holiday together.

Some gals go mad over dangly bangles and bracelets and if they are part of your every day wardrobe, then there is no reason why they cannot be part of your wedding wardrobe. Have something sweet to match an understated necklace or if you are not wearing a necklace go all out and pile on some chunky, beach themed bracelets!

Earrings can also be bold and eye catching or sweet and understated. Remember to match them with your hairstyle. If you are wearing your hair down, then it would not really make sense to wear dangly chandelier earrings as the slightest breeze will tangle your hair in them. Earrings is also another area where you can bring in something sentimental - a gift from your fiance or an heirloom piece.

3 Tips: How to wear your Beach Wedding Jewelry:

Keep things stylish: Don't go overboard. If you have laden you arms with bracelets, keep your necklace simple or go without.

Compliment your dress. If you have a ruffled neckline or an ornate gown, tone down the jewelry.

You don't have to break the bank. Your beach wedding jewelry does not need to be expensive. If you cannot afford sea pearls, go for fresh water pearls. Arty wooden and shell pieces look fabulous for a beach wedding and you can find many hand made costume jewelry pieces for a reasonable price. Don't go for a cheap imitation of expensive pieces.

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