Must Have Beach Wedding Photos

40 Must Have Beach Wedding Photos

Ok, so you already know all of the traditional beach wedding photos that every couple who wed need to take - the family photos, the bride with her parents, the groom with his family etc etc.

But what about some really great photos just of the two of you on the beach?

We know the beach is a great venue for your wedding photographs, but besides just using the beautiful backdrop, make your pictures really special with some of these great ideas:

#1 Carrying You...

beach wedding photos

This is an utterly romantic photograph and should be on every seaside bride's list of must haves. It is easy to incorporate and can be contemplative like the example above or it can be more fun with the couple laughing and having fun.

#2 Through The Wedding Ring

Through the ring

These can make great beach wedding photos and can take on many forms.

You can have the groom hold the ring and make sure to feature the bride in the background like the picture, or have the couple inside the ring together. You could even have the couple framed by both his and her rings.

A great way to showcase your ring/s.

#3 A Great First Kiss

first beach wedding kiss

This is kind of a standard, but since a beach wedding is a little less stiff and formal you can plan to make this monumental moment in your ceremony extra special and photo worthy by making it passionate and enthusiastic.

#4 The Forehead Kiss

a kiss on the forehead

This is such a sweet moment and shows a deep caring between the couple. With the sea in the background it really highlights the bride and groom and looks fresh and light.

#5 The Romantic Kiss

romantic kiss on the beach

A must have for all wedding photos and a beach wedding is no exception. There are many ways to do this picture. The one above incorporates a nice little dip and catches that moment just before the kiss with the ocean in the background.

You can also have the two of you lying in the sand or try an upside down version.

#6 The Sexy Kiss

Sexy kiss on the beach

This is definitely not one you want to frame and send to your in-laws, but it is a great memory and you will love looking back at this one day. The deserted shoreline makes for great sexy photographs, but your dress might just get a little bit wet if you want to follow the example above.

#7 The Sunset Kiss

sunset wedding kiss

This is another absolute must have if you can take advantage of a beautiful sunset over the sea. The colors are gorgeous, the light is just right and the photos will be unforgettable!

#8 Fun With Balloons

runaway balloons beach wedding photo

These beach wedding photos are so great and a lot of fun to take too. You will need to decide on this beforehand so that you can organize to have some helium balloons on hand when you do your photographs.

You also need to have personalities that are not camera shy and you should be able to act a little.

Have them in your chosen colors or pick a bright and vibrant color to contrast with the subdued palate  of the sea, the shoreline and your white dress.

#9 Utterly Relaxed

chilled on the beach

Yes, some photos are romantic, passionate, fun and active, but there is something really special about a quiet moment just enjoying the sunshine and the beach together - totally chilled and happy.

#10 Framed!

Frame in Frame

Really cute, but you will also need to remember to bring a frame or ask your photographer if he/she already has something like this.

There are also some options you can choose from. You can either hold the frame together, or you can get your attendants or flower girl and ring bearer to hold it for you while the two of you pose. Another option is to wedge it askew in the sand.

#11 Hands in the Sand

beach wedding hands in the sand

The rings in the sand is a classic, but personalize it a little more by making your hand prints in the sand before placing your rings on the appropriate fingers. So cute!

#12 L.O.V.E

spelling out your love on the beach

Spell out your love for each other in a really cute and expressive way in your beach wedding photos. Either form a heart with your arms like the example above, do it with your hands or actually spell it out using your fingers. L with the thumb and forefinger etc etc.

#13 Wedding Date

Wedding Date on Balloons

Make sure he never forgets the wedding date by writing it out and photographing it in a clever way.

In the photo on the left here, the bride and groom have written their date on three helium balloons, but you can also write it in the sand (maybe inside a heart, on a sand castle, shells, on a surfboard (if both or one of you is a surfer) or a string of little flags.

Remember that most balloons are NOT eco friendly and do not biodegrade making them very bad for the environment and especially sea creatures. Make sure you get biodegradable balloons made from natural latex like these.

#14 Under the Moonlight

Moonlight on the beach

If your wedding will go into the early evening and you still have your wedding photographer available, then these are must do beach wedding photos. It can be any photo - a stroll on the beach, a kiss, a fun photo, but there is just something truly magical about moonlight on the beach.

#15 Bride on her Toes

Toes in the sand

If you want to show your bouquet or your shoes off in a nice way, then this is quite a cute little photo to take. The bride and groom are facing each other, either kissing or just with her arms around his neck, but you see only their feet where she is standing on her toes to reach him.

#16 Piggyback!

piggyback beach wedding photos

Another really fun shot is this one where the groom piggybacks the bride. Relaxed, informal and a great memory!

#17 Reflected in the Water

Reflected in the water

If you will have the tide going out, then this shot should be easy to achieve. With the incoming tide it might be a little more difficult, so plan well.

#18 The Jump

The jump wedding photo

This has also become quite a standard with many photographers, but not with all, so if you want to include it discuss it with you photographer. It looks especially great on a beach with the sea in the background and can be just the bride and groom or the whole wedding party.

#19 Sunnies

sunglasses beach wedding

Sunglasses and the beach go hand in hand, so why not incorporate this seaside must have into your beach wedding photos too? It's fun!

Use your own personal brand name sunglasses or make the photo a little more silly by wearing some fun heart shaped sunglasses. These are also great to give as gifts to your bridesmaids!

#20 Saying Thanks

Beach Wedding Thanks Photo

Take some beach wedding photos you can send to your parents and your in-laws that really expresses without a doubt how grateful you are for all they have done for you in making your big day a reality (especially if they have given you monetary support). Make this sign out of card, wood or a string of flags or helium balloons.

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