Beach Bride Shoes

Are you shopping for beach bride shoes? You may think that having a beach wedding means that you will have to be barefoot, but if you are a bit of a shoe addict (like me) you can always use an excuse to buy another pair of shoes!

And of course, remember that you will ALWAYS with a beach wedding have a plan B - just in case mother nature's plans clash with yours and you are forced to move you beach wedding indoors.

Beach Bride Shoes

Even if the weather is perfect, there may be many reasons why you will want to wear shoes to your beach wedding. There may be sharp objects in the sand, you may want a little height on your wedding day, your reception will be at a hotel or other venue that is not on the beach, or perhaps you just don't feel dressed up without something on your feet.

Whatever the reason for wanting to wear some beach bride shoes, there are plenty of choices open to you:

Barefoot Sandals

Barefoot Sandals

Not really beach bride shoes as they have no soles, but a great alternative. These are the ultimate beach wedding accessory in my mind! They are very elegant, and can be bought (or even made) in your wedding colors with different beads, pearls or crystals, or you can go for a classic white look.

Barefoot Sandals are for brides who are not worried about sharp objects and don't care about adding height, but who are wanting to finish off their look. Many of the designs can be worn again as an ankle bracelet if you want to wear sandals to your reception.

Beach Wedding Sandals:

Beach Wedding Sandals

Which bride can resist a pretty pair of strappy sandals? Beach wedding sandals are best suited to more semi-formal and formal weddings or if your wedding will not actually be on the sand (only beach themed). There are many styles available in different heights and some can even be dyed to your wedding colors.

If you are planning to have your ceremony on the beach and your reception at a hotel or resort, then it might be a nice idea to combine barefoot sandals (that can be worn as an ankle bracelet) with your sandals.

If you want to add some height but you don't want your heels to sink into the sand, then also consider wedge heeled flip flops.

Flats as Beach Bride Shoes?

Flat beach wedding shoes

Of course flats are another great option that can be worn on the beach and there are some great options out there to coordinate with your dress.

Lace and crochet flats have become fashionable and they can be easily found in shops as well as online.

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