More Beach Theme Decorations

beach theme decorations

Sometimes the true magic of a wedding is not all about the perfect setting, venue or the large arrangements, but instead it is found in the small details that reflect the personalities and style of the bride and groom. The little things that make your wedding uniquely yours. Perhaps you already know that you want to make your own handmade shell napkin rings, or that your wedding favors will reflect your tendency towards green living. But if you don't have a clear idea, finding those small personal touches to add to your beach theme decorations should be a fun part of your wedding planning.

Below we list a few small ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Beach Wedding Bullet

Instead of having a traditional ring pillow at your beach wedding ceremony, why not use two beautiful shells to hold your rings? Just make sure to fill the shell cavity with tissue paper, cotton wool or even sand to ensure that the rings are displayed at the entrance of the shells and do not fall inside. A beautiful clam shell will also be lovely and can include as small pillow to tie the rings to.

Beach Wedding Bullet If you are planning a summer beach wedding then it is sure to be hot on the beach even in the early morning or at sunset. Make sure you offer your parched guests refreshments before the ceremony. Leave two large woven baskets or colorful tubs with small bottles of cold mineral water at the back of your "isle" on the beach. Another neat idea is to fill a small paddle-boat with lots of ice for a dramatic effect and placing your water bottles in there. You can even personalize the water bottles with your own label!

Beach Wedding Bullet Hand out fans to your guests to keep themselves cool with. Buy or have them made in your wedding colors. Include a nice little beach wedding quote or poem for a special touch. If you have a lot of time before the wedding, then you can also print and fold your ceremony program into a fan. Here is a quick tutorial to help you out:

Shell Bullet Have a few small umbrellas or parasols in a neutral color or your wedding colors in umbrella holders at the entrance to the ceremony. Paper parasols are inexpensive and lovely or even lace parasols can also look very pretty if they will suit your overall look better. They don't just serve a purpose, they also look very nice on your photos!

Shell Bullet If your beach wedding ceremony is at sunset, then make sure you have some sort of lighting like string lights, tiki torches or luminaries to light the area and to lead your guests back to their cars or to the toilets. These also add a nice ambiance to your overall beach theme decorations. For the budget conscious, luminaries will probably be the best bet as these can be made from simple brown or white paper bags, simple candle sticks and sand.

Sand Ceremony Shell Bullet If you wanted to use unity candles at your ceremony, but are rethinking because of a possible breeze then why not try a Sand Ceremony instead?

This is a contemporary twist to this wedding tradition that is just the special touch you are looking for in your beach wedding ceremony decor. You can coordinate the sand with your wedding colors and can even involve your parents or your children (if you have any from before the wedding or from a previous union). It also makes a very nice keepsake from your wedding day.

Above all, have fun with your beach theme decorations and make your wedding a true culmination and celebration of your love for each other and your individual personalities!