Beach Wedding Dress- How To Choose It

Choosing your beach wedding dress is an incredibly exciting and fun part of planning your wedding. If you are planning a beach wedding there are a few specific things you should keep in mind when choosing your wedding gown.

A beach wedding gown could feature featherweight fabrics and flowing silhouettes, or fitted and sexy, but still breathable. Since you are not restricted by church guidelines, you could go for something that will show off a bit of skin, but try and keep it pure, innocent and sensual.

Great fabrics to choose from include: Chiffon, Taffeta, Cotton, Organza, Satin, Shantung, & Tulle. Stay away from anything heavy like Velvet.

Styles best suited to beach wedding gowns are A-lines, Empire, Straight/Sheath, mermaid and slip dresses. Although thoroughly romantic, try and avoid ballgowns and princess style dresses as these are more suited to formal settings and go for a more casual wedding dress.

And of course don't forget that you will look like a true beach bride if you have a glowing Beach Wedding Tan.

Follow this link to view some gorgeous Beach Wedding Gowns wich are available for purchase online, or follow the links below for beach wedding dresses to flatter your particular figure type as well as some more hints and tips to look your best no matter what your shape.

A Beach Wedding Dress To Flatter Your Figure:

Unfortunately we cannot all have model figures, but that is no excuse for not looking like a goddess on your wedding day! With some planning and consideration you can find the perfect dress no matter what shape you are in.

Try some of the following tips in finding a beach wedding dresses to suit your figure:


Beach Wedding Dress for Hourglass

You lucky girl! If you have a x-style or hourglass figure, you have the following attributes:

  • Weight gain distributes evenly on hips and bust but does not go to your waist.
  • Fuller thighs
  • Voluptuous hips and buttocks
  • Tiny waist
  • Chest and Hip measurements are almost equal.

You have the figure all of us dream to have and you can get away with wearing almost anything.

Don't hide your perfect curves though and be sure to show them off in a figure hugging beach wedding dress like a Mermaid Gown or if you are daring and fun loving them perhaps a Beach Wedding Bikini.

Try tighter fitting skirts and low cut necklines. Halter necks and strapless gowns also look lovely on this figure type.

Find great Dresses for a Beach Wedding to flatter your Hourglass Figure Here!

Pear Shaped:

Beach Wedding Dresses for Pear Shape

A great percentage of women have the typical pear or triangle body shape. This body shape is characterized by the following attributes:

  • Weight gain goes to your thighs and hips
  • Upper body is smaller than lower body
  • Fuller thighs, hips and buttocks
  • Well-defined waist
  • Narrow back
  • Small or medium bust
  • narrow shoulders

A flowing A-line beach wedding dress will hide fuller hips. This style features a flared out skirt from the waist down to your feet, creating an "A" shape. An Empire style waist also works wonders to hide fuller hips.

Choose a halter neck, a wide neckline, wide straps or off shoulder dress with some detail on the bodice to draw the attention to your upper body. Wear your hair down instead of in an upstyle to create balance.

Avoid: Sheath gowns and anything with pleats or gathered fabric around the waist.

Follow this link for stunning Dresses for a Beach Wedding For Pear Shaped Figures.

Short or Petite:

Petite Beach Wedding Dress

If you are a petite bride then you have the following attributes:

  • You are 1.6m (5ft 3in) tall or under.
  • You can be any weight or shape.

Short brides should opt for long flowing gowns with unbroken lines to create the illusion of height. Keep the design simple so as not to overwhelm your small frame. Try a sheath dress to elongate the line of the body. Or perhaps a trumpet skirt if you have a slim torso and shapely hips. The slight fish-tail effect at the bottom sweeps out beautifully into a very graceful train.

Another good choice is an empire style dress. This features a high waistline that stems from the bust and falls into a slender skirt. This style also gives the impression of increased height.

Avoid: Big skirts, dropped waistlines and anything with ruffles - these will make you look shorter.

Also have a look at the other body shapes and what is suggested for them while keeping in mind these principles that will make you look taller.

Follow this link for some ideas on beautiful Beach Wedding Gowns For Petite Brides.

Full Figured:

Full figured beach wedding dress

To flatter a fuller figure go for an A-line or empire style dress or a combination of the two. The empire style is high waisted and flowing and will skim lightly over your curves. Look for a gown with an open or deep v neckline to flatter a full bust and with which you can wear an interesting necklace to draw the eye to your face. If you have heavy arms you can also look for a gown with sleeves.

Avoid: Thin straps, puffy sleeves, ball gowns, body-hugging or shiny fabrics and anything with ruffles.

Follow this link for beautiful Beach Wedding Gowns for Fuller Figures.

Straight/Boyish Figured (Banana):

Boy figured beach wedding dress

This is the ideal super model figure. If you have a ruler shaped figure you have the following attributes:

  • Weight gain is spread evenly.
  • Little or no difference between bust and hip measurements
  • Minimal curves
  • Undefined waist and flat tummy
  • Long arms and slim legs
  • Small or medium-sized bust

Try a sequined dress to create interest or opt for a sheath dress. Play with different textures. A trumpet skirt will also give your figure interesting lines and create the illusion of more defined curves. A cowl neckline can create the illusion of a fuller bust.

Avoid: Slip Dresses as these will not give you any shape.


Beach Wedding Dresses for apple shaped figures

If like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Liz Hurley and Drew Barrymore you have an apple or V-shaped figure, you have the following characteristics:

  • Weight gain goes to your bust and waist
  • Your hips seems smaller than your upper body.
  • Slim thighs and hips
  • Small butt
  • Undefined waist
  • Fuller bust and broad shoulders

A-line dresses and empire waists look good on this figure. Or choose a beach wedding dress with a cinched waist, a v-neck or any type of ruffle skirt detail to create more balance.

Avoid: anything with a cowl neck, a tight fitting skirt, puffed sleeves.

CLICK HERE for more tips on how to choose your beach wedding dress.

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