The Beach Wedding Planner & Checklist

Beach Wedding Planner

A good Beach Wedding Planner is a great idea to help you put structure to your thoughts and to help you keep track of the many things that entails planning your wedding.

All weddings require precise planning if you want everything to happen without a hitch on the big day. A beach wedding checklist and planner will certainly help you with the unique challenges and extra little things you need to remember when you plan a destination wedding on the sea shore.

Unique Beach Wedding Challenges:

Lets have a look at just a few of the things that your Beach Wedding Planner should include:

1. Timeline:

A normal wedding in your home town can be planned in a hurry. A beach wedding on the other hand is a little bit more complicated. You need a specific time line and you need to let your guests know so that they can make the necessary travel and budgeting plans. You might also want to include your honeymoon or part thereof with your beach wedding planning if you are getting married in an exotic destination.

2. Destination:

So, you want a beach wedding, but you are not sure where? Depending on the time of year, your budget and expectations, there are many many choices for your perfect destination beach wedding.

3. Beach Wedding Budget Planning:

Budgeting is essential for any wedding, and having a beach wedding might save you on some things, but it also poses some unique expenses you might not have thought of like generators, toilets, permits etc. Make sure you plan for them.

4. Packing Lists:

If you are traveling to your destination beach wedding then it is essential that you know exactly what you need to pack. Make sure to have a comprehensive list of everything you might need on the big day and the days preceding it.

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