Play Around With Your Beach Wedding Theme

A Beach Wedding Theme is just what you are looking for if you are not happy with just having a beach wedding and you are looking of fun ways to add a little spice to your wedding day. Finding the right beach wedding theme can be quite a daunting task. There are many things to consider. There are so many small ways to enhance and individualize your wedding even further. No beach wedding needs to be the same as the next. The only thing in common would be the type of setting!

You also don't even need to be by the ocean in order to incorporate these ideas into your big day. Have your "Beach Wedding" by a lake, a river or even your own swimming pool! You really do have total creative freedom to do with your day what you please. You are limited only to what you can imagine.

Below are a few ideas to get you started:

A Colour Scheme Theme:

Color Scheme Theme

Even your color scheme can add a lot to your wedding. Just because you are having a ceremony next to the sea does not mean you have to have a blue color and sand colored scheme for all your decorations. Think a sunset theme with burnt orange, pinks, reds and yellows. A bright and summery color scheme of yellow, blue and red. Or Natural colors like beige, brown and taupe to match the sand. Or you can go with complete contrast and have red as your color scheme. Think red tropical flowers and all your bridesmaids in bright red dresses!

Tropical Beach Wedding Theme:

Tropical Beach Wedding Theme

This is a very exciting tropical beach wedding theme. It is perfect for the daring among you who want something completely different that shouts fun, fun, fun! This theme incorporates bold and daring colors, yummy cocktails and colorful tropical flowers.
Follow this link for more information on putting together your own Tropical Beach Wedding Theme

Mermaid Fairytale Theme:

Fantasy Mermaid Wedding Theme

Bring together the land and sea with cacti, coral, shells, seaweed and even chandeliers for this fantasy fairytale inspired beach themed wedding. Think of a mermaid style sheath dress for the bride, floaty slip dresses for the bridesmaids, a wild stretch of beach and the softly setting sun… romance is the order of the day!
Ideas on putting together this theme COMING SOON!

Sailing Wedding Theme:

Sailing Wedding Theme

You just have to imagine your handsome groom in a white captain’s uniform and you should be sold on this idea! If sailing is a part of your or your fiance’s lives, then this is a natural choice of theme that would be both logical and familiar. You could hire a sail yacht or motor yacht and have your bridesmaids dress in nautical blue and white stripe dresses.
Ideas on putting this theme together COMING SOON!

Summer Sunshine Theme:

Summer Beach Wedding Theme

This wedding theme really oozes the essence of summer! Just imagine a really relaxed vibe, sunflowers everywhere, steel drums and the sound of Bob Marley... You can even incorporate really classy, once off dreadlocks for the bride! This really is what a beach wedding is all about.
Follow this link to find out how to put together the Summer Sunshine Theme

Upmarket Poolside Wedding Reception:

Pool Party Wedding Theme

Not necessarily a "beach" wedding theme, but still worth a mention in case you want a beach style wedding, but you don't live near the ocean. This theme is perfect if you are having a cocktail style wedding at a venue with a pool and no formal seating for your guests. It is modern and classy, but still fun.
Follow this link to find ideas on putting together the Poolside Wedding Theme.

Pirate Beach Wedding Theme:

Pirate Beach Wedding Theme

If Pirates of the Caribbean had your heart racing, how about incorporating this theme into your wedding day. This is a great excuse to wear a period style gown , and even to have your guests dress up! Also think a treasure hunt for the youngsters or even for all the guests. Ideas on creating this theme COMING SOON!

Nautical Beach Wedding Theme

Nautical Beach Wedding

A nautical theme is always great for summer and is also a classic color scheme. You can combine it with a sailing theme, or use on its own even if you are far away from the sea to bring the sea to you! Think navy blue, white and even red accents, anchors, fishing nets, lighthouses, and anything nautical. This can be a modern theme, or you could make it more vintage - the choice is yours.

Your theme is only limited by your imagination and creativity. Use the above examples to get inspired to create a theme that reflects both you and your fiance's personalities as well as the tone of the celebration.

Another element that can add a lot to your theme is Beach Wedding Theme Music. After all, music does set the mood for any party and choosing the right tunes could make or break your beach wedding theme.