Hawaii Beach Weddings

Hawaii Beach Wedding

Great beaches and breathtaking scenary makes Hawaii beach weddings truly spectacular. Whether you dream of an actual wedding right on the beach, or a cliff top with a view of this paradise - Hawaii is the perfect place for your beach wedding.

The island chain of Hawaii is made up of Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Oahu, Big Island and Maui. They are situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean thousands of miles from any large landmass. This lends the island its pure air, clean waters and pristine tropical beaches, not to mention that feeling of being a world away.

There are popular beach weddings on all the islands including Maui, The Big Island, Honolulu, Kaui or Molokai. But Captain Howie from Hawaii Weddings.com recommends the following beaches for a truly incredible beach wedding ceremony:

Sunrise Hawaii Beach Weddings:

What better way to start your married life than at sunrise, the start of a new day on a breathtaking Hawaiian beach! There are however a few things to consider. Firstly, usually you will not see the sun actually rising out of the ocean because of the typical trade wind clouds on the eastern horizon in the mornings. After the sun has actually risen and cleared the cloud it has become very bright and this is not always the photogenic moment many people dream of (if this is what you wanted, then perhaps a sunset wedding will be better). Occasionally the conditions are perfect for sunrise beach weddings… and when they are, it is spectacular. You will also have to wait at least an hour before the sun is high enough to turn the sky blue and the water turquoise, but it is well worth the wait for the postcard perfect wedding photos you have always wanted.

Mid Day Hawaii Beach Weddings:

The pristine, 5-mile long, white sand beach across from Pukalani Falls Hawaii Wedding Garden in Angels Bay. The water is relatively shallow in this area, and consequently as the sun reflects off the white sandy bottom, the water color is an unbelievably brilliant turquoise. This amazing turquoise color, contrasted with the powdery blue sky, makes this out-of-the-way beach wedding location perfect for sunrise and mid-day Hawaii beach weddings.

Sunset Hawaii Beach Weddings:

On the north-western shore there are many secluded coves with sandy beaches, punctuated with waves crashing dramatically into large lava rocks that are perfect for sunset ceremonies.

Try not to plan your sunset wedding in the Waikiki area as it is generally packed with tourists and you won't actually see the sun set as it is sbscured by land most of the year.

If possible plan your sunset beach wedding for just before the actual setting of the sun to allow your photographer some time to take pictures of the two of you interacting with the setting sun.

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Without a doubt, beach weddings on the Hawaiian Islands are incredible, but always keep in mind that a good location and timing is critical.

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