Celebrity Beach Wedding Hairstyles

Celebrity beach wedding hairstyles can be a great inspiration for any bride to be on choosing a trendy and beautiful hair style for a beach wedding.

We always look to the stars for inspiration on how to dress, what diets to follow, what beauty and make-up trends to try etc etc. And of course, hairstyles for weddings and functions are no exception. Here are a few nice examples of how beautiful celebrities styled their beach wedding hair:

Kathrine Hiegl's Wedding Hairstyles:

Kathrine Hiegl Wedding Hairstyle

In the movie 27 Dresses, Kathrine Hiegl has a beach wedding and her hair is just absolutely gorgeous! It is not overdone in any way, but yet it is totally classy. This simple style, with a side parting, off center chignon and it is finished off with a fresh flower or a silk orchid. Just beautiful!

Kathrine Hiegl Beach Wedding Hair

Here is a photo of Kathrine and she looks so different from the photo above - totally sexy! So it depends largely on the look you are going for. Classy or sexy beach babe. The look here can be achieved with a Texturizing Sea Salt Spray and a styling iron.

Erinn Bartlett's Beach Wedding Hairstyle

Erinn Bartlett Beach Wedding Hairstyle

For her beach wedding, Erinn Bartlett looked simply stunning. Nothing at all was overdone. She exuded a classy bohemian vibe with her beach babe tousled hair, finished off with a jeweled beach wedding headband worn across her forehead.

Megan Fox Wedding Hair:

Megan Foxx Beach Wedding Hair

The stunning Megan Fox looked amazing on her wedding day. Her long dark locks were simply blow dried straight and she finished off the look with her beach wedding veil creating a striking contrast between the white dress, white veil and her dark locks. Simple but stunning.

Shania Twain's Updo

Shania Twain Beach Wedding

Shania Twain used a more formal and classic style for her beach wedding hair. She opted to have her ample locks pulled back from her face in a more formal chignon which she adorned with a veil. Timeless and lovely.

Pink's Headband

Pink and Carey Beach Wedding

Well, their marriage may not have worked out, but as wedding hair style for the beach go, this one was very practical and also great for any brides with naturally curly hair. Pink pulled her curls back to frame her face and added a trendy beach wedding headband to complete her look and tied the color to her satin belt to complete the look.

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