The Poolside Wedding Reception

Pool Party Wedding Reception

A poolside wedding reception is the perfect theme for a couple who wants a glamorous affair filled with cocktails but not necessarily a formal 3 course sit down dinner. With a few of the right ingredients this is easy to achieve and easy on the budget! Have an early ceremony at least 3 hours before sunset to give enough time for photographs and your reception. Cocktail receptions are normally between 4pm and 7pm.

The look:

Organize a classy poolside wedding reception by mixing equal parts of glamour and welcome. Firstly decide on the perfect venue. A deciding factor would definitely be a pool. Preferably lined with palm trees and a view of the ocean!

Fill the pool with floating candles (a great selection is available at ) and illuminate everywhere else with rope lighting and hurricane lamps. A funky bar is an absolute must as well as tall cocktail tables with barstools and a few well placed comfortable couches.


Your invitations should be something sophisticated. Have a look at our beach wedding invitations page for more ideas.


pool party reception Instead of the normal style of bridal gown, the bride now has a chance to wear something a little more contemporary. How about a mini dress and bare feet for the beach wedding ceremony and then finished off with some killer strappy sandals for the cocktail reception. Or try a halter neck dress inspired by a stylish swimsuit.

For the gentlemen it should definitely not be a penguin suit. Instead try a stylish cream or white suit and a striped shirt and no tie.

Martini Candles Favours: For your poolside wedding reception favours why not these cute little martini cocktail gel candles. The clear gel burns brightly in this miniature martini glass made of real glass. One little "olive" bobs delicately in the gel, adding a realistic touch to this tiny cocktail. The only thing more impressive than the candle itself is the gorgeous little chic gift box it arrives in! A transparent window showcases the candle and the black and white olive print shimmies over every inch of the box.

Or celebrate your event with a real Bang! Give your guests a personalized matchbox and sparkler set. They can then keep the matchbox as a keepsake of your wedding day and use it to light the sparkler to send you off to married life in style. This is also a very nice photo opportunity!

pool party wedding reception


Cocktails should be the order of the day at your poolside wedding reception. Incorporate a few old favourites such as Martinis, Daiquiris, Long Island Ice Tea, Mojitas, as well as a couple of imaginative new ones.


Depending on how long you would like to keep your guests at your reception, your food can consist of light finger snacks, or can include some more substantial snacks such as Asian noodles served in small bowls. This is a must if you would like the reception to continue later into the night.

As there is no formal seating, make sure there are enough wait staff available to serve all your guests and to clear any dirty side plates and glasses.


Light ambient lounge music like Cafe Del Mar, the Sympathique album from Pink Martini, or perhaps the compilation Easy Rhythms for Your Cocktail Hour will suit the mood perfectly, or if you want to have a live band, a jazz band will certainly get your guests' feet tapping.

For more ideas on beach wedding music click here.

pool party wedding reception Transport:

As the sun sets throw your bouquet over your shoulder to the crowd and hop into an upmarket convertible decorated with streamers.

Your poolside wedding reception is sure to be a talked about event that will not necessarily break the bank. Since this is an outdoor event for the most part, make sure you have a plan B just in case the weather does not play along.

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