Flattering Dresses for a Beach Wedding - Pear Shaped Figure

Looking for dresses for a beach wedding to flatter your pear shaped figure? If you have been blessed with a classically feminine pear shaped figure then you have a small and defined upper body, narrow shoulders and wider hips and thighs. This type of build is by far the most common among women and has thankfully been made sexy again by celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera and Kristin Davis (from Sex and the City)

The key to finding flattering dresses for a beach wedding for your pear shaped figure is to somehow draw the attention away from your hip area and to highlight your other features. Here are a few ways to accomplish this:

1. Firstly decide what it is you would like to highlight before choosing your beach wedding dress. This could be your elegant neck, beautiful collarbones, shapely arms, feminine cleavage or a small firm waistline. This will help you choose the best dress style.

2. Identify the styles you should avoid. These are any dresses that fit tightly around the hip area such as mermaid style dresses or sheath dresses. These will only emphasise your hips.

3. Dresses for a beach wedding that work well are A-line dresses, empire waists, off-shoulder styles or any dresses that flair at the hip, but have interesting details on the bodice.

4. If you wear your hair down or halfway down it will create more balance. Have a look at the Beach Wedding Hairstyle page for more ideas on suitable hairstyles.

Have a look below for some examples of a few beautiful beach wedding gowns to complement a pear shaped figure:

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