Beach Wedding Gown for an Hourglass Figure

Finding the perfect Beach Wedding Gown for an Hourglass Figure should not be too difficult. If you have this figure you are one of the few lucky women who can wear almost anything and still look super hot. But, there are of course certain styles that will help to enhance your best assets and make you look slim and gorgeous on your wedding day.

Some of the most famous actresses of the past few decades boast the hourglass shape. Sophia Loren, Mae West, Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield all had this sexy figure. Some of today's celebrities who boast the enviable hourglass shape are Salma Hayek, Halle Berry, Shania Twain, Scarlett Johanssonn and Sandra Bullock.

Hourglass Beach Wedding Gown

So we can all agree, an Hourglass Figure, is certainly the sexiest figure a woman can ever have. To find out if you are one of the lucky ones with this type of figure see if these descriptions fit you:

  • Your bust and hips must be almost the same size.
  • Your waist must be at least 9" less in diameter than your bust & hips.
  • When you pick up weight it is generally first in your arms, chest, hips and rear rather than your waist or upper abdomen.

According to a recent survey of 6,318 women, only 8.4% of the population have hourglass figures. So if you are one of them then follow these tips for the best beach wedding dress for your shape:

  1. Don't hide your perfect curves. If you've got it, flaunt it girl!
  2. Show them off in a figure hugging beach wedding dress like a Mermaid Gown.
  3. Or if you are daring and fun loving then perhaps a Beach Wedding Bikini!?
  4. Keep your Beach Wedding Accessories simple if going this route as you are already making quite a statement.
  5. Avoid full or ruffled gowns or anything with too much bead work or layers that will only hide your curves.
  6. If you can, follow an exercise program for at least a month before your wedding in order to be sure your hour glass figure is in tip top shape!

Beautiful Hourglass Beach Wedding Gowns:

Here are a few wedding dresses that would flatter an hourglass figure:

Infinity Wrap Dress:

This versatile dress makes the perfect beach wedding gown - it is whimsical, sexy and unconventional. Wear this dress in so many different ways - wrap it to show of your cleavage or emphasize your small waist. The skirt is totally removable for a sleeker look at the reception and at only $104 (plus postage) it is quite a steal!

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