Your Beach Wedding Cake Topper

The cherry on top of your wedding cake would be your beach wedding cake topper. A cake topper is the perfect way to complete the look of your wedding cake and if chosen wisely will be a great centerpiece at your reception.

Think of your beach wedding cake topper not only as a decorative item, but also as a keepsake. Something to remind you of your beautiful wedding day when you married the love of your life.

Beach Wedding Cake Topper

Modern day cake toppers are made of a variety of materials such as porcelain, glass, crystal, wood etc. to suit a range of themes. Some can even be eaten!

It is a good idea to involve your cake baker or pastry chef in your choice of cake topper as he/she might have some valuable points or suggestions you may never have considered.

Whether you are looking for something whimsical and romantic, funky and modern or something fun, find your perfect beach wedding cake topper below:

Romantic Beach Wedding Cake Toppers:

The cake toppers below are what you would call more "traditional" with a beach wedding twist. They reflect the spirit of a romantic and easy going wedding on the beach.

Beach Wedding cake topper Barefoot on the beach

Barefoot on the Beach:

A hand painted porcelain cake topper depicting a romantic barefoot walk on a beach with your beloved.

This relaxed cake topper is a simple, fresh approach to the traditional wedding couple and is suitable for beach weddings as well as chilled back-yard weddings.

Find out more here.

Just Married Beach Wedding Cake Topper

Just Married Beach Wedding Cake Topper:

This gorgeous, fun-filled and hand painted resin beach themed cake topper is also available in Hispanic and African American. This groom sweeps his bride up in his arms and carries her across the sand. At their feet, written in the sand is a heart with the words "just married".

Get price details here.

exquisite Beach Cake Topper

Beach Getaway:

This exquisite beach wedding cake topper gets its rave reviews not only because it is romantic and whimsical, but also because it is so beautifully crafted with amazing attention to detail. The bride and groom each have a tiny Swarovski crystal ring!

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Hand Carved Beach Themed Cake Topper

The Promise:

These hand carved figurines by Willow Tree can only be described as unique art pieces. They are truly special and convey the emotions of a newly married couple so beautifully. They make a great keepsake of your wedding day.

Though they are somewhat large, we think they would look stunning on the right size cake or surrounded by smaller cupcakes.

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Willow Tree Beach Wedding Theme Cake Topper

Around You:

Another gorgeous art piece by Willow Tree. This one is especially sized for wedding cake topper and cast in resin. It also features a base.

It conveys the magic of young love. The two newly weds share an intimate moment holding hands and touching foreheads.

You cannot go wrong with this non traditional cake topper. Just read the reviews!

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Leaning in for a kiss beach cake topper

Leaning in for a Kiss:

How sweet is this couple in love! A cute and romantic beach wedding cake topper featuring a barefoot bride and groom sitting with their legs hanging off the edge of the cake as they lean in to steal a kiss...

This cake topper is also available in African American.

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Lounging on the beach cake topper

Lounging on the Beach:

This unique, hand painted porcelain cake topper depicts a bride and groom relaxing bare footed on the sand reflecting on their wedding vows and looking out onto the horizon. The bride draws a heart in the sand with her delicate finger.

More information here.

Surf Style!

Is one of you (or both of you) keen surfers? Are you wanting to incorporate this passion into your wedding? How about choosing a surf inspired beach wedding cake topper!

surf couple beach wedding cake topper

Summer Lovin':

This cake topper is just too cute! Not only that, it is also beautifully made with exquisite attention to detail. The barefoot groom sports a 24k gold wedding band, there are accents in their hair, the bride has a glazed dress and of course, it features a surf board!

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Sugar Surf Board Cupcake toppers

Sugar Surf Boards:

These are just so sweet! Literally and figuratively! Yes, they can be eaten. They will be just perfect for beach wedding cupcakes or even to decorate a large wedding cake.

Get them now!

Custom Surfers Wedding Cake Topper

Custom Made Surfer's Wedding Toppers:

Do you want your surf wedding cake topper personalized? Red headed bride in ballgown and a groom in board-shorts? Both with swimwear? Each with a surfboard? Have it just the way you want it with these custom made clay wedding toppers.

A little pricey, but so worth it! What a keepsake for your wedding - a mini you!

Find out more here.


Looking to make your guests smile and talk about your beach wedding cake topper? Choose something non-traditional and maybe just a little naughty and you will have them all flocking to the cake to check it out.

Honeymooning couple cake topper

Lounging on the Beach:

This is such a fun cake topper! Whether you have a wedding on the beach, a destination wedding, will honeymoon on a beach or you both just love going to the beach, this beach wedding cake topper will surely be a winner.

It features some lovely details - red manicure and pedicure for the bride, a veil, flip flops and a cocktail in hand. And for the groom, a beer. They relax on "wooden" sun loungers on which is written the words "just married".

Follow this link for more pictures and price details.

Love Pinch Cake Topper

The Love Pinch:

We all know that a love relationship is not only grand gestures of love, but that all these big events are spun together by the little, intimate things and moments that make your love unique.

Celebrate these little things with this sweet and naughty cake topper. Not exactly "beach themed", but fitting none the less. It features a formal bride and groom standing side by side from the front, but the back shows a cute little love pinch on the bum!

More info here.

Flamingo beach theme cake topper


If you are looking for a beach themed cake topper that is not traditional, then maybe this would be just what you are looking for.

This fun and quirky feather-clad couple of love birds are perfectly outfitted for a wedding - the bride sports a veil and vintage inspired headpiece and the groom a satin bow-tie!

More details here.

Extraordinary Topper Ideas

If none of the above are what you are looking for because your circumstances are not represented (same sex wedding, pregnant bride, interracial wedding, older couple etc etc), then have a look at one of the following for more ideas:

Corinthians 13:4

Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind...

Love is all that is important, and nothing else matters. That is what is being celebrated at a wedding - your love for each other. Whether you are two women, two men, from different backgrounds or different races, have found each other later in life, have started your family a little earlier, or whatever else sets you apart from the "normal" wedding couple.

Make this message clear with these handmade wooden flags featuring the words from Corinthians 13:4.

Find out more here.

Older Couple Cake Topper


Have you found your soul mate a little later in life? Or maybe you are celebrating your lasting love for each other with a beach themed vow renewal?

If one of these cases fit your situation, then this is a wonderful choice for a cake topper.

Here are the details.

Gay cake topper

Gay Silhouette of Love:

A simple, stylized gay couple figurine for your wedding cake. This is not exactly beach wedding themed, but if you add a few seashells or starfish and a beach themed wedding cake, this would make a stylish wedding topper for a gay wedding.

More details about this cake topper here.

Lesbian wedding cake topper

Willow Tree "Sisters":

This art piece by Willow Tree is not actually intended for a same sex wedding topper, but in our opinion it would be beautiful on top of a lesbian beach wedding cake.

It is hand carved and features two female figures in an intimate, hand holding gesture.

Here are all the details.

Pregnant Bride Wedding Cake Topper

"Home" by Willow Tree:

Together our family is home. Are you a pregnant bride? Celebrate this special time by having a wedding cake topper featuring all of you as a family.

This sweet art piece by Willow Tree is rather large for a cake topper, but if you have a sturdy cake or perhaps cupcakes to surround it, it would be just perfect.

Have a closer look.

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