Beach Wedding Bridesmaid Shoes:

Yes, bridesmaid shoes are essential even for a beach wedding. Choosing some great looking flip flops, sandals or crochet pumps will just finish off the look of your bridesmaids.

Beach Bridesmaid Shoes

It is also a great idea as a gift for them. Something they will be able to remember your wedding day by every time they wear them to the beach or elsewhere.

So, what are some great beach bridesmaid shoes? Lets take a look at some options:

Dessy Flower Trimmed Flip Flop

Flower Flip Flops for Bridesmaids

These pretty bridesmaid flip flops are trimmed with duchess satin and feature a detachable chiffon flower.

The shoes and the flowers come in many different colors and can be ordered in two different colors to create the perfect pair of bridesmaid shoes.

They are also great for the bride!

Click here for more information on available colors and prices.

Glimmer Flower Trimmed Flip Flops

Glimmer Flower Flip Flop for Beach Bridesmaids

These duchess satin flip flops from Dessy come in more than 50 different colors and are just gorgeous with their detachable, sparkling crepe flower.

Both the flower and the shoes can be ordered in different colors to complement your wedding.

Follow This Link for more info on available colors and prices.

Sparkle Flip Flops

Sparkle Beach Bridemaids Flip Flops

These flip flops with sparkle as you walk in the sun or dance on the dance floor!

They are available in 9 different colors.

Also great for gifts and to use on that bachelorette spa weekend!

Click here for pricing info and colors.

Pom Pom Flower Flip Flops

Dessy Pom Pom Flip flops

These are just so cute! The duchess satin flip flops are available in over fifty colors and are finished off with a cute crinkle chiffon pompom.

Both the shoes and the pompoms can be ordered either to match each other or in separate colors to match your wedding colors perfectly.

Click Here for colors and prices.

Satin Flip Flops

Satin and Bamboo flip flops

If you are looking for beautiful simplicity in your bridesmaid shoes, these are perfect.

They come in more than 50 different colors, feature duchess satin, rubber soles and bamboo inner soles.

They will make great gifts for the bridesmaids!

Follow this link for prices and colors.

Crochet Pumps

Crochet Pumps Bridesmaid Shoes

Crochet is really hot right now and these are just perfect for a beach wedding! Especially if you don't want flip flops or sandals.

They are summery, girly and informal and I am very sure your bridesmaids will want to wear these shoes again!

They are available in 8 different colors and would also be great for the bride!

Click Here for prices and color choices.

Tom's Crochet Flats

This is a very classic style shoe and is really pretty in a crochet material. It is unlined on the sides and some of the upper part, letting some sexy skin peek through.

Available in three different neutral shades.

Click Here for prices.

Nautical Flats

Nautical Bridesmaids Pumps

If you are having a nautical themed wedding, these cute little pumps would be perfect for your bridesmaids!

They come in different color schemes including the navy you see in the picture as well as black and natural to best complement the colors you have chosen.

Follow this link for prices.

Barefoot Sandals

Barefoot Sandals for Bridesmaids

Of course barefoot sandals are not exactly shoes, but they are really lovely and can make great substitutes for shoes if you decide not to have them.

You can have them in white like the bride's, or in your wedding colors.

Click here for more info.

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