How To Choose The Best Beach Wedding Dresses

I think almost every bride will tell you that shopping for beach wedding dresses is one of the most exciting parts of their wedding planning. It can of course also be daunting... There are many things to think about, especially if you are planning beach nuptials. You want a dress that will compliment your theme, flatter your body, make your best features pop and that will be within your budget.

There are many styles available and some are more suited to certain body types than others. Generally an A-line or empire cut dresses will flatter most figures.

You also need to consider that beach wedding gowns should not be as formal as a dress you would wear to a more traditional church wedding.So, how do you go about choosing your perfect dress from amongst all the beach wedding dresses on the market?

Beach Wedding Dresses

Hunting for Beach Wedding Dresses?
5 Tips:

  1. Get The Feel For Your Dress - First, try and get a nice idea of what you want in your head. This is fun, so go with it. Close your eyes and think about your wedding day. Think about the light breeze lifting your hair, smell the ocean and feel the love and joy of the day. Now think of your wedding dress. What would compliment this whole scene? Think of some descriptive words - ethereal, floaty, light, sexy, backless, breathtaking, airy, flouncy, modern, romantic. Make notes of these attributes.
  2. Body Beautiful Fit - Next decide on the most flattering style for your body shape. Some styles are better suited to different body types. After all, you want to feel beautiful on your wedding day, and you have to embrace your flaws, try to minimize them and try to make the most of your best features. This will ensure that all eyes are on you on your special day. For some inspiration, Click Here To Find Best Beach Wedding Dress For Your Figure. or read about some tips for choosing Full Figure Beach Wedding Dresses 
  3. Choose the Formality - Once you have narrowed down the style you would like, decide on how formal you want to have your dress. Beach wedding dresses generally tend to be more informal than formal, but you do have some scope, depending on the rest of your wedding theme and decor. You can also make a plain white sundress into something a little more formal by using a luxurious fabric or adding some beading or sequins. And you can tone down a more formal cut like a Mermaid Wedding Dress by having it made in a less formal fabric like a cotton or linen. The choice is yours. 
  4. Choose the Fabric - Now that you have your "feel" of your dress, your style and the formality of the dress, choose the right fabric. As mentioned above, you can choose to contrast your more formal style with an informal fabric, or jazz up an informal cut with a more elaborate fabric. If you are looking for some typical fabric for beach wedding dresses, then think floaty fabrics like organza, tulle, charmeuse, crepe and chiffon. Even raw silk and lace can be used to create lovely dresses for a seaside wedding. 
  5. Consider Convenience and Practicality - If you are having a destination beach wedding then this is an important factor to take into consideration. Choose a style and a fabric that can be transported easily without creasing too much.

You also might want to consider a smaller dress (less fabric) that you can fold and carry with you as your carry on luggage - just in case your check in luggage gets lost or misplaced.

Also think about a hot day on the beach, sand, water, possible wind... choose a dress that will be cool, that will look great when there is a strong breeze and that you can scoop up easily as you walk along the sand.

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