How To Choose Your Men's Beach Wedding Attire

If you are choosing your men's beach wedding attire, there are many options and considerations that you need to be aware of. Generally men are more willing to participate themselves in the selection of their clothing for the big day if it would be something they will like to wear, that will be comfortable and that they can wear again. Us girls might like to dress up, but most men I know hate wearing a tie, not to mention a tuxedo!

Luckily a beach wedding lends itself to much more relaxed attire for men as well as the women.

4 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Men's Beach Wedding Attire

The formality of the wedding dress and the formality of the wedding in general will dictate to a large degree the formality of the groom beach wedding attire. The groom's choice in wedding attire should never be more formal than the bride's, but should also not be overly casual if the bride is going for a more traditional and formal look. The bridal couple should always look like a pair.

Knowing exactly where your ceremony and reception will take place will also have an influence as to your men's beach wedding attire. Will some part or the entire wedding take place on an actual beach, or just near a beach? If it is just a beach-themed wedding then take your cue from the bridal beach wedding outfits. If the bride is wearing a ball gown, then perhaps a tux is not such a bad idea. If any part of the wedding will take place on an actual beach, then consider something a little less formal and a little more fun!

Keep in mind that it will probably be hot on the beach, and brides are notoriously late. The groom will need to stand in the hot sun for a while waiting. If you are worried about perspiration marks then choose lightweight fabrics to minimize perspiration and light colors so that any perspiration will not be so noticeable.

Since your wedding will be outdoors and in the sun, you might also consider adding a hat to your men's beach wedding attire no matter whether you decide to wear your surfing baggies or a tux. A cap might be overly informal, but a straw Fedora Hat (think James Bond), or the smaller version called a Trilby, Panama Hat or a Porkpie Hat might give even the most informal outfit a sophisticated old world charm!

Men's Beach Wedding Attire

Suggestions Of Men's Beach Wedding Attire By Formality:

mens casual beach wedding attire

Informal Beach Wedding:

If you are having a very laid back and casual island or just plain barefoot-on-the-beach kind of beach wedding then have a look at the following page of examples and suggestions for Men's Casual Beach Wedding Attire.

Smart Casual Beach Wedding Attire For Men

A Smart Casual Wedding:

If your wedding will not resemble a picnic on the beach, but will not be silver cutlery and cut glass either, then a smart casual option would work best. You don't want your groom to look like he just had a surf and threw on a shirt and some shorts to say his vows, but you don't want anything that will look too stiff and formal either then look at our suggestions for Smart Casual Beach Wedding Attire For Men.

Semi-Formal Mens Beach Wedding Attir

A Semi-Formal Wedding:

Is the wedding dress or the wedding in general a little more on the formal side, a little more sophisticated? Perhaps you are only having the ceremony on the beach and your reception is in a more traditional and formal setting?

You can still choose your groom's beach wedding attire to have that touch of laid back beach style while complimenting the wedding dress and the reception venue with the right amount of formality. Check out our page on Semi Formal Attire For The Beach Wedding Groom:

Something A Little Different:

Alternative Beach Wedding Attire for the Groo

I am sure most ladies (and some guys) would agree that a man in uniform is just absolutely irresistible. So why not consider, if the groom is in the navy, for him to wear his navy uniform for your men's beach wedding attire. This would be totally unique, fitting and oh so sexy!

This would also team very well with a sailor or nautical wedding theme.

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