The Semi-Formal Beach Wedding Groom

Looking for more formal beach wedding groom attire ideas? Is the beach wedding dress or the wedding in general a little more on the formal side? Perhaps just the ceremony will be on the beach and the reception will be held in a more formal and upmarket location?

You can still have that touch of laid back beach style while complimenting the wedding dress and/or reception hall with the right amount of formality. Try some of the following suggestions:

1. Timeless Class

Classy Beach Wedding Groo

For classy look the beach wedding groom can opt for cream or khaki linen suit, a crisp, tailored white or light blue shirt with French cuffs and an understated tie (the tie above has funky little beach cabanas printed on it).

Add a leather belt and some oxford or derby shoes and finish off with some beach inspired cuff links like the sunglasses in the picture above, and you have a truly timeless look that can be varied to suit the formality best.

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2. The Waistcoat

Nautical Beach Wedding Groom

Some would disagree with me on this one, but I think it is totally acceptable and a very sexy option to combine a pair of dark navy blue pants, a slim fit white shirt and a striped tie with just a beige waistcoat (no jacket). If you want to add a more nautical touch, then finish off with a navy and white striped DIY boutonniere.

Perhaps it is not acceptable without the jacket for very formal occasions, but I think it is appropriate (and preferable - cool) for a beach wedding groom and his groomsmen.

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3. Something Different

Something Differnet for a beach wedding groom

You could also try something a little different. Combine a cool white linen suit (just great for hot beach days and humid nights), a light blue shirt with French cuffs, a summery gingham bow-tie, a woven belt, leather shoes and silver starfish cufflinks. Stylish and fun.

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4. Tropical Suit

dark mens beach wedding attire

If the light colors of the other ideas are not really for you and you would feel more at home in a darker suit, then this is a great look. Also good if the groom is a little on the heavier side and would like to look slimmer.

Opt for a navy blue or grey tropical blend suit (a special blend that is cool in hot weather) with a white shirt (the Calvin Klein shirt above is no-iron, so great for travel and destination weddings) and a fun, themed dark tie (the tie in the picture above has cute beach umbrellas) and dress shoes. Finish off with some funky theme-inspired cufflinks like the crabs featured in the photo.

Also great for a fall or spring wedding when it might get chilly in the evening.

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