4 Examples of Mens Casual Beach Wedding Attire

Below are 4 examples of mens casual beach wedding attire. These looks will be suitable if you are having a very laid back and casual beach wedding or an island elopement and you truly want to embrace the carefree attitude that a barefoot on the beach wedding is truly about. These styles are uncomplicated, will not cost you a fortune, but yet they fit perfectly with a seaside wedding and will compliment a simple yet elegant wedding dress very well.

Tropical Mens Casual Beach Wedding Attire

Tropical Mens Casual Beach Wedding Attire

If your wedding will take place on a tropical island or even just has a slight tropical theme to it, why not consider the following a casual outfit for the groom: An informal, short sleeved Hawaiian shirt (there are a choice of prints to choose from - the one featured here is Hibiscus), white linen drawstring pants and flip-flops, brown leather sandals or go without shoes and perhaps a casual straw fedora hat to finish off the look. Don't forget the tropical leis to finish off your Hawaiian tropical look.

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Something Non-Tropical, But Casual

Beach Casual Mens Wear

If your wedding is not on a tropical island or you are just not really a fan of the island theme attire we described above then just stick with something simple and casual, but still stylish. Combine some sand colored or khaki linen shorts with a relaxed open collar shirt or a long sleeved tunic style shirt (in white or any other color that will suit your wedding best). Team with sandals, flip flops, deck shoes, canvas espadrilles or even bare feet. Linen is a great look for the beach and is also lightweight and breathable.Complete your overall look with a stylish white woven trilby hat.

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Surfer Casual

Surfer Wedding

Looking for something different for your mens casual beach wedding attire? If the bride is wearing a Beach Wedding Bikini then why not go with some great looking board-shorts and a white linen shirt that you can leave unbuttoned? Something like the striped black and white board-shorts in the picture above or plain white ones would look great. Add some stylish white flip flops and a black and white Fedora hat and finish the look off with a white orchid boutonniere. Have fun with your look, after all, this is a fun wedding theme!

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