Rocking a Beach Wedding Bikini

Are you daring enough to wear a beach wedding bikini? There are many people who consider the beach synonymous with swimwear. While I personally would not wear a bikini to my wedding, I am sure there are those among you who could think of nothing more perfect.

Beach Wedding Bikini

Below is an article written by Vanessa Lausch with some ideas if this is the thing for you:

You purchased the plane tickets, selected the venue, and reserved the hotel. The food is planned, invitations are sent, and there is only one minor detail left: what will you wear at the beach ceremony?

Your wedding ceremony may be unconventional, but you still want to look breathtakingly beautiful. After all, this moment will be captured permanently in photographs and in your future husband’s mind.

A full-length, traditional wedding gown doesn’t quite seem to fit the beach picture; just imagine cleaning all of the sand out of the train! A simpler, shorter dress may be your ideal choice, but have you considered a beach wedding bikini?

Beach Wedding Bikinis:

A bikini fits perfectly on the beach and can be customized to provide a beautiful, stylish wedding appearance. If wearing a beach wedding bikini seems just unique enough to be perfect for you, check out our ideas below for a bikini wedding dress. Then, for the beach days to follow, browse through our tips and advice for your honeymoon bikini.

Clean and White:

White beach wedding bikini

White is the most traditional color for wedding attire, and we suggest you consider it as an option for your beach wedding bikini.

A white bikini can be beautifully accessorized with a knee-length sarong or a see through lace skirt to offer some additional coverage in the hips and thighs.

To keep in the tradition of your beach-themed wedding, add a flowered lei and head wreath as decoration.

A head wreath is a perfect substitute for a more conventional veil or tiara. But if you really want to feel like a bride, go for a total contrast and combine your controversial wedding bikini with a traditional wedding veil!

Amazon has a lovely collection of bikinis - choose your white beach wedding bikini here!

“Something Blue…”:

Honeymoon Bikini

For a truly unique wedding, why not make your “something blue” your wedding bikini?

You can find a fun blue bikini in any shade to complement your tastes and coloring. Your guests and future husband will always remember your clever mix of tradition and uniqueness.

If you’re really short on time (a beach-themed wedding can sometimes be a little impromptu), cheat superstition a little and make your wedding bikini your something new and something blue.

Amazon has a nice selection of blue bikinis that would be perfect, and their shipping is very fast! Check them out here.

Tropical Adventure:

A tropical print bikini can be a fun addition to a beach-themed wedding, as well. It fits perfectly on the beach and will lend your appearance a little local flare (especially if you are planning your wedding in Hawaii). Tropical prints come in a variety of different colors and styles and work wonderfully with a lei and head wreath. Dress your husband-to-be in a Hawaiian-print shirt and you’ll look like a match made in heaven.

Classically Beautiful:

Sheer Maxi Dress for Beach Wedding Bikini

If you would like to consider the option of a wedding bikini but are still a little unsure about its acceptability, try wearing a tunic dress, crochet cover-up or even a sheer white maxi dress (like the dress from Amazon in the photo on the left) over your bikini for the ceremony.

This will give you more of a modest, blushing-bride appearance. After the ceremony, you can remove the cover-up (or if it is a strapless style dress, wear it as a skirt) if you dare for a devil-may-care look during your reception.

You’ll come out with a great mix of modest and sexy wedding photos!

7 Tips for choosing your Honeymoon Bikini:

Just Married Honeymoon Bikini

If a bikini wedding dress seems a little too unconventional, even for a beach wedding, you will still definitely need a bikini for the sun-baked, honeymoon days to follow.

Below are some ideas to help you make the most out of your honeymoon bikini.

1. Bring along several different styles and cuts. Bikinis are light and don’t take up much room in a suitcase. Plus, with a week’s worth of days on the beach, you and your new husband are bound to get tired of the same bikini.

2. Why not go for a "Just Married" or "Mrs So-and-So" bikini? These are super cute and would make a great keepsake too. You could even pair them with Just Married Flip Flops!

3. Always try your new bikini on for fit and flattery before selecting it as a honeymoon bikini. Once you get on the plane bound for your beach destination, you will likely not have a chance to shop for another, more flattering bikini.

4. Don’t be afraid to show a little skin in your honeymoon bikini. Styles may be more sedate in your hometown, but your tropical destination is sure to be more liberal. You will want to remind your new partner again and again why you are the woman of his dreams.

5. As a general piece of advice, pack some sunscreen in your suitcase and be sure to wear it. If you are wearing a new bikini, you may be exposing sections of skin that very rarely see the sun. Tanned skin looks sexy and beautiful, but you do not want a painful sunburn affecting your time with your new husband.

6. Get a safe tan BEFORE you go on your honeymoon, better yet, before your wedding even. Click here for info on how to do this flawlessly and more importantly, without the sun.

7. Short on time with all the other wedding planning? Shop online! If you want a couple of different bikinis for your honeymoon, then take your old favorite with you plus a few new buys from some great online stores.To see a selection of designer bikinis and cover-ups for your wedding or honeymoon, visit Cynnadolls as well as More Swimsuits. Also, don't forget about Victoria's Secret! They have a great online store and their bikinis are always super sexy.

Your beach-themed wedding or honeymoon should be a truly magical experience in which you look and feel sexy and beautiful. A stylish beach wedding bikini can only add to the uniqueness and fun of your wedding.

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