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about me

Ok, where to start. I was reluctant to put this page on my site. Not because I don't believe in what I have created, but simply because I am quite a private person and I don't like private information about my life to be out in the world wide web.

But I do understand that when you are planning your wedding (the most important day in your life), you are looking for expert advice. You want to know that the person you are taking advice from actually knows what they are talking about.

So here is a little about myself:

I grew up in an incredibly beautiful part of South Africa called the Garden Route. When I was about 8 or 9 years old, my parents moved here from the north of the country after falling in love with the natural beauty of this particular part of the coastline. I therefore know the magic of a beautiful beach very well.

I have always been passionate about weddings. I have dreamed about my own wedding just like any little girl would. And even though I was not yet married myself when I started this website (yes, that is me in the photo on the right, but I was only modelling for a friend who needed some publicity), I knew that I wanted to help other people make their dreams come true.

In 2007 I decided to qualify as being a wedding coordinator. After successfully doing this I started working for a rental company who specialised in wedding rentals (in the hope of connecting with local wedding vendors and getting clients).

Since my home town of Plettenberg Bay is incredibly beautiful, people travel from all over the world to get married here.
To have an idea, just have a look at the profile of this wedding photographer I used to work with: Glen Murray Photography

Seeing a gap in the market for a good wedding DJ, I convinced my then partner, Alan (a DJ of more than 25 years experience in clubs and radio) to start a wedding DJ company and to teach me the ropes. The wedding music company did incredibly well and Alan still does the music for events and parties regularly. He even makes his own music now. Check it out: https://deejaydeemusic.bandcamp.com

I was also inspired by this experience of being a wedding DJ to create a site to help couples choose the best music for their wedding day. Wedding-Music-Help was born.

I then worked for the rental company in my home town for over 5 years, managing the set up of many weddings both on the beach and elsewhere. I coordinated a couple of weddings myself and I did the music for hundreds of weddings.

I have seen spectacular weddings and I have witnessed disasters. I have learned from other people's mistakes and the advice I give here on this site is written to help you have the best beach wedding you can possibly have.

In 2009 I decided that if I wanted to travel the world it would be now or never. I got a once in a lifetime opportunity to work on a luxury yacht and did that for 5 years. I loved it! I have met many wonderful people and I have traveled to some of the world's most amazing places and amazing beaches like Miami, the Caribbean islands, Panama, Galapagos Islands, the Azores, the French Riviera, the Italian coast, Malta, Greece and Croatia. 

I left the yachting industry in 2014 to give birth to my first son and moved back to my home town of Plettenberg Bay to raise him and his little brother born in 2017. 

All the while I like to keep up to date with what is happening in the world of weddings and I still keep contact with many of the wedding coordinators I worked with. I also like to read great wedding blogs like Style Me Pretty. You will find some incredible weddings (including many beach weddings) on there.

I hope this website helps you to create a beautiful celebration of your love for each other - a day you can look back on and remember as the happiest day of your lives. 

Happy planning!

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