Beach Theme Wedding Cakes

If you are looking for examples of Beach Theme Wedding Cakes then you may wonder what sort of cake themes and looks you can choose from. You might think that your choice will be limited due to the specific theme of your wedding, but you will be happy to know that there are many many Beach Theme Wedding Cakes to choose from. Some are more classic and others can be down right funky.

Try to think about the rest of your wedding and the general feel you would like to create. Will your wedding be a laid back surfer wedding, an island elopement or are you just using the beach and the sea as a theme to base your celebration on?

Beach weddings are normally less formal than other weddings, but that does not mean that beach theme wedding cakes cannot be classy, but you might also want to think about a cake that has a more playful feel or even just add a funny Beach Wedding Cake Topper.

Ideas for Beach Theme Wedding Cakes

Shells and Starfish

beach theme wedding cakes

There is nothing that makes more sense to add to beach theme wedding cakes than some shells and/or starfish. These can be Real Sea Shells (perhaps some shells you and your other half collected on a holiday together) or even edible Chocolate Seashells or fondant shells. To finish off this look perhaps add a Seashell and Starfish Cake Topper.

Tropical Flowers

Flower beach themed wedding cakes

Hibiscus, Plumeria and Passionflower (amongst many other varieties) make colorful and fitting decorations for your beach wedding cake. Have fresh ones if possible, but if not, you can find very lovely fake flowers these days or even edible fondant ones. Use them in a small arrangement as a simple cake topper, decorate around the base/s of your cake, dot randomly or have them cascade down the side.

Sandcastle Cakes

Sandcastle Beach Themed Wedding Cake

If you want to theme your wedding cake around this favorite beach activity then you can either choose a lovely sandcastle cake topper, shape the top tier of your cake as a sandcastle or have all your cake in the shape of a sandcastle. Sandcastles on wedding cakes, are usually used as a toppers. A good cake maker will be able to duplicate the look of real sand, but fine biscuit crumbs or even brown sugar make perfect beach wedding cake sand! You can even let the "sand" spill over onto the table and write your names/initials and the date of the wedding.

Sea Creatures

Sea Themed Beach Wedding Cake

Beach Wedding Theme Cakes incorporating your favourite sea creatures can be enchanting, magical and also comical. Think tropical fish, sea lions, jellyfish, dolphins, sea horses, turtles, crabs, lobsters and anemones or any other sea critter. If you are going for an enchanting, magical theme then consider adding a mermaid... perhaps even a little mermaid cake topper! And if you want to go for something a little more humorous, then consider something like the picture on the left here. Two lobster lovers top this comical colorful beach wedding cake! This one from Pink Cake Box


surf themed wedding cake

If either you or your fiance (or both of you) have a love for a particular water sport, then perhaps consider one of these fun beach wedding cake themes. It is a perfect blend of your wedding theme and your personalities. Decorate your cake or cupcakes with Edible Surf Boards, or add a surf couple cake topper. Perhaps a scuba cake? With a cute scuba couple coming out of the top of the cake and the rest of the cake decorated as a coral reef or even with some circling sharks!

Wave Beach Themed Wedding Cakes

Wave Beach Wedding Cake

If shells are too every day for you and anything else would be too gimmicky, then consider decorating your beach wedding cake with simple waves in clean ocean colours. The cake here on the left is a wonderful example of just how beautiful such simplicity can look. If you want to, add a Square Acrylic Cake Topperfor a sophisticated finishing touch.

Lighthouse Theme

lighthouse beach themed wedding cakes

If lighthouses fascinate you or if your wedding is close to a lighthouse, then perhaps try one of these unconventional beach wedding theme cakes:

Try a simple cake with a lighthouse cake topper, a 3 layer cake with the top layer made into a lighthouse or get your cake maker to create your entire cake in the form of a lighthouse.

Decorate with a bride and groom Beach Wedding Cake Topper.

Nautical/Sailing Theme

nautical themed wedding cake

Do you have a passion for sailing and all things nautical? This can be quite a formal theme if you like, or a little more lighthearted. Decorate your cake with sail boats, anchors, ropes, life preserver rings and nautical colors - think blue & white stripes. The cake here on the left has used the anchors in two tones to symbolize male and female.

Buried Treasure Wedding Cake

treasure chest wedding cake

Obsessed with pirates and buried treasure? Make this the theme of your wedding cake. Have a traditional tiered cake and make the top layer a treasure chest, use a treasure chest cake topper or why not the entire cake as a treasure chest with gold chocolate coins and edible pearls filling it and spilling out over the side. You can even add a pirate bride and groom somewhere on the cake.

Relaxing on the Beach Theme

Relaxing on the beach themed wedding cake

If your idea of fun on the beach has nothing to do with anything sporty or breaking a sweat then consider this chilled wedding cake theme. Think about the most relaxing things you can do on the beach... perhaps some Miniature Adirondack Chairs, a hammock, or even just having two pairs of edible flip flops on top of your cake.

Whatever you choose, these beach theme wedding cakes should show the chilled, laid back side of spending time on the beach.

Island Style Wedding Cakes

Island themed wedding cake

How about going with the whole Island Theme? Think a deserted little beach, many palm trees, perhaps a Palm Tree Cake Topper. Or even go with a more Hawaiian feel with some palm trees, coconuts and a little hammock. Let your imagination go wild. There are so many possibilities of beach wedding theme cakes to choose from.

If the ideas above have not quite given you what you were looking for, or you need more information on how to choose your beach themed wedding cakes, then also have a look at the following pages:

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