Beach Wedding Headband Ideas

Beach Wedding Headband Ideas

A beach wedding headband is a great alternative to a tiara. These are far less formal (and thus probably more appropriate for informal weddings) than a tiara, but will still add that touch of sparkle and girlish charm to your day.

Headbands have become increasingly popular as a must have accessory and many celebrities have been seen wearing them to events such as the Grammy Awards and the Oscars.

A headband is also a multi-functional hair accessory as it comes in very handy to tame stray hairs if there is a breeze blowing and is very well suited to long as well as very short hair.

Beach wedding headbands can also take many forms to accentuate and compliment the overall feel of your wedding. Choose from studded, beaded and jeweled varieties for serious glam, delicate flowered headbands for a romantic touch, mermaid style with shells and sea stars, bohemian or even just a glam headscarf.

5 Ways to use Beach Wedding Headbands:

Of course there are as many types of headbands and flower crowns as there are brides, but here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Delicate, Romantic Flowers:

Romantic Flower Beach Wedding Headband

This is a gorgeous beach wedding flower crown! Just so romantic. You could modify it to include the flowers in your bouquet, but personally I think the orchids are just beautiful!

This beach wedding flower crown can easily be a DIY project using silk flowers if you like making things yourself and perhaps you are on a budget. Here is a page to 8 different tutorials for making your own beach wedding flower crown!

If you prefer fresh flowers, find out if your florist would be able to make one for you on the day. Choose your flowers wisely as you don't want them to wilt by midday!

Or simply find a nice one on a site like Etsy (click here for an example) or like this beautiful one on Amazon.

Starfish and Shells:

Starfish Headband

You are having a beach wedding right? Embrace the theme and go for starfish or shells in your beach wedding headband.

This can also very easily be a DIY effort (tutorial here), or you could buy the one like in the picture from Etsy.

This would also be great for any mermaid theme or even just for your flower girls.

Glamorous Pearls and Stones:

Stone Headband

If you are looking for a more glam option or you would like to bring in your "something blue", then maybe this type of headband is just perfect for you.

I found this particular one on Etsy here. It is handmade using rhinestones and is sure to add that extra sparkle to your special day.

Also try some of these options on Amazon. Some are truly beautiful!

Grecian Style:

Grecian Style Beach Wedding Hairband

If you have chosen a beautiful floaty or Grecian style beach wedding gown, then this might be a great hairstyle and headband for you.

It is quite easy to achieve if you have a long, delicate piece of embroidered fabric or jewelry.

Simply print out the photo and take it along to your hair stylist. It should be relatively easy to reproduce.

Simple Headscarf:

Beach Wedding Headscarf

If you are not a flowers and sparkly jewelry type of bride, then perhaps just a plain headscarf in a luxury material like silk could be an option for you.

As you can see in the photo, with the correct makeup and jewelry it can look very sophisticated and would certainly work for a windy day on the beach.

Check out the rest of the photo-shoot here.

DIY Beach Wedding Headband:

DIY Beach Wedding Headband

This pretty head-wrap/headband is quite easy to make and can be customized to suit your theme or style. Great for the budget and the stray hair! Follow this link to find out how to make your own Beach Wedding Headband

Have a look at how to style short hair using a hairband with this video below:

You may also be interested in a Beach Wedding Hairstyle that will suit you and your hair.

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