20 More Beach Wedding Pictures

I hope you liked out first 20 beach wedding pictures. There are literally so many great ideas to make your photographs more unique, fun and romantic.

So if you enjoyed the first 20, then we hope you will find some more inspiration for your wedding album in the pictures below. Read the descriptions for more ideas and different takes on the same themes.

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#21 Rest Your Head

beach wedding pictures

These are really cute beach wedding pictures. They are sweet and endearing and can take many forms, so play with it.

#22 On a Bench

on a bench on the beach

On a lookout bench staring out to the horizon or looking at each other. A really nice photo if you have benches on the beach and could be even nicer if you could move the bench right to the water's edge (and put it back afterwards of course ;)

#23 Your Bouquet In the Foreground

Bouquet in the foreground

Want to highlight your beautiful bouquet? Or perhaps your cute shoes? Have them in the foreground, perhaps at the beginning of the aisle and then have yourselves embracing in the background under the gazebo or arch.

#24 High Vantage Point

beach wedding picture from above

This one might be a little tricky to do on a beach, but it is possible if you have some rocks or even a lifeguard tower that you can use to get your photographer a little above you.

#24 Get Wet

Get the dress wet

These beach wedding pictures can be so much fun! Not all brides would be up for this, but they do make lovely photographs. You must either have a dress that you don't mind getting full of salt (one that hopefully dries quickly), or have another dress for the reception afterwards. Don't forget about another outfit for the groom too!

#25 From Behind

Beach wedding photos from behind

Make sure you have a good picture of your dress from the back. This photo gives you a great opportunity for that. You and your groom are standing on the shoreline looking out at the horizon together.

#26 On Horseback

On horseback on the beach

There are few things as romantic as a horseback ride on a beach with your love. If there are stables in the area that offer this use the opportunity to do something fun and incorporate the horses into some really lovely beach wedding pictures.

#27 Written in the sand...

writing in the sand beach wedding photos

These beach wedding pictures can take many forms. You can either draw a heart in the sand as in the picture above or you can write your names, your initials, thank you or your wedding date.

#28 Take a picture of picture

beach wedding picture of a picture

I am sure in your life together so far you have taken many pictures of yourselves in this way to make a photo memory of a special moment. Why must your wedding be any different? Have your photographer take a picture of you two taking a picture of yourselves.

#29 Private Photo

Private beach wedding photo

Have a "private" kiss photo. This can be done like the picture above, or use your bouquet or umbrella to hide behind and have a stolen kiss.

#30 Show off Your Shoes

Show off your shoes photo

If you want to show off your shoes in a nice way put them in the foreground and have a playful kiss with a leg lift in the background.

#31 Sunset Silhouettes

Sunset silhouette

As the sun sets you have the opportunity to take some really lovely silhouette photographs with the sea as your backdrop.

#32 The Romantic Lift

Romantic lift

Loved Dirty Dancing? These are beach wedding pictures straight from there!

#33 Toes in the Sand

Toes in the Sand

Show off your pretty pedicure with a sweet picture of both your feet in the sand of your wedding beach.

#34 Trash The Dress

Trash the dress

Your wedding dress is something you will only wear once in your life (hopefully). You don't need to keep it in pristine condition unless you have rented it, so don't worry to trash it for some awesome photos of you and your new husband rolling in the sand!

#35 Under the Umbrella

Umbrella beach wedding picture

Did you use parasols or umbrellas to shade your guests from the sun during your ceremony? Bring some color to your beach wedding photographs and feature those pretty parasols.

#36 Your Veil In The Wind

veil in the wind

If you are wearing a veil on your wedding day then you can use it to your advantage by either letting it blow in the wind as you look off to the horizon or as in the photo below.

#37 Wrapped in your Veil

wrapped in a veil

Like the example before this one, you can see that having a veil can be lovely even for your beach wedding pictures. You can feature it blowing in the wind behind you, or wrap yourselves up in it for an intimate kiss on the beach.

#38 Written in the Sand

written in the sand

This is another take on a previous idea of having something written in the sand, but I thought this was an unique enough photo to have its own mention. Make a heart in the sand, write your wedding date or your names and have yourselves kissing in the background. You can even incorporate your rings, shoes or bouquet.

#39 Titanic

On the bow of a boat

If you loved that romantic scene in the Titanic movie where Leo and Kate are on the bow of the boat then this is a must do beach wedding photo for you. If you have access to a boat that is.

#40 Running on the Beach

This last picture is a truly fun one and should be included in any beach bride's must have photographs. Take the hand of your new husband, pick up your dress and run along the shore!

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