Beach Wedding Gowns

If you think your choice of Beach Wedding Gowns are limited because they need to be slightly more informal, then think again!!

Your choice is only as limited as your imagination. There are truly countless ways you can design and choose your perfect beach wedding dress.

Beach Wedding Gowns

Beach wedding gowns should be less formal than a traditional wedding dress, but you can still have fun with fabrics such as lace and chiffon and even beading to add some flair.

It all just depends on your personality, your figure, your budget and your beach wedding theme.

A mermaid theme would for example have a very different look of gown to a bohemian beach wedding theme.

Since joining Pinterest I have found so many wonderful ideas and it is such a great tool to put all your pictures and options together. You then have a great reference point to decide on your final choice from all your favorite Beach Wedding Gowns.

Below are two of my best loved pins:

Examples of Beach Wedding Gowns:

This is just such a lovely gown! It almost has the look of a sarong or beach wrap and seems to be made of a rather whimsical and transparent lacy fabric.

The floral neckline sets it apart as a wedding dress and it is so elegant with the right hairstyle, jewelry and of course some strappy sandals!

The back of this beach wedding dress is just so stunning and it really sets it apart from anything else. The starfish almost seems like it is just haphazardly placed there to keep some draped material in place, yet it is truly elegant at the same time.

It is exactly this balance that makes it so beautiful to me. The material is also very plain and the starfish is the true attention grabber.

This dress I could really talk a lot about! It is just such a wonderful concept. It is an infinity wrap dress.

These dresses can be wrapped in many many ways to suit your body type, the event, your mood etc etc.

They make great bridesmaids dresses as each bridesmaid can create a look unique to her. The dress is also very popular with bridesmaids not only for that reason, but also because they are more likely to re-use it after the wedding.

Here it is used as a wedding dress with a whimsical, floaty chiffon overlay. This would truly look breathtaking when blowing in a slight breeze.

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