Beach Wedding Hair Styles for Medium and Long Hair

You have more options for your beach wedding hair style if your hair is shoulder length or longer. You have the option to leave it loose if it is in a good enough condition (either blow-dried straight and smooth, or go for the tousled beach babe look) or try one of the tied styles below.

Just keep in mind that especially with long hair you might have to choose a second wedding hairstyle option if you see that it will be windy on the day of your wedding and having your hair loose might not be a practical option anymore.

But generally with beach wedding hair, texture is what you are looking for. That surfer girl, bed-head look is oh so sexy and romantic. And it is also relatively easy to create.

Some Beach Wedding Hair Styles to Inspire You:

So, are you still not sure what you are looking for to create the perfect hair style for a beach wedding look that is both gorgeous and looks like you did not make too much effort? Well, have a look at the examples here below for some inspiration. The styles will vary of course depending on how much hair you have and if it is dead straight, curly or wavy.

Romantic Beach Wedding Updo:

Romantic Beach Wedding Hair

This romantic beach casual up-do works beautifully if your have wavy hair or if you are able to style your hair into waves. Pull your hair into a side parting and secure low in the neck into a loose chignon of style in a loose french roll. Spray with a little hairspray and finish off with a few fresh Plumeria Blooms (as in picture - also known as Frangipanis). Plumerias are great to use as they last a long time, but if they are not in your color scheme, try another flower from your bouquet or if you are afraid they won't last, try a Ivory Real Touch Cymbidium Orchid Flower Hair Clip or even a Rose Hair Clip that is available in many colors and is really pretty. 

This beach wedding hair style looks very nice if worn with an A-line or sheath dress in a floaty material like chiffon or organza.

Bohemian Beach Wedding Updo:

up-do for a beach wedding

This is a simple beach wedding hairstyle that has a slight bohemian feel to it and is casual enough for a beach wedding. Wash your hair and style into ringlets. Create a center parting and pin the curls up loosely. Spray lightly with hairspray and finish off with a simple beach wedding tiara, headband or scarf. This is a great look for a plain sheath dress and if you are worried about a windy day and also if you have natural curls.

Loose and Straight Beach Wedding Hair:

simple loose hair for a wedding on the beach

If you have long straight hair or wavy hair that can be blow dried straight then this natural and loose style might be the right choice for you. Make sure your hair is clean; trim it slightly for the day to get rid of any split ends and highlight if you wish for a sunkissed look. Blow-dry to achieve some volume - you can also incorporate a volumising product. Part in your preferred way and smooth on some silicone sealant or Moroccan treatment oil to the ends. This will ensure that the ends look glossy. Finish with a Pearl & Silver Rhinestone Bridal Hair Pin. This style has an innocence to it that is quite endearing.

Loose and Wavy:

Simple and elegant beach wedding style hair

For a fresh and natural look on your wedding day try this style. it has that sexy surfer girl feel about it and looks uncomplicated and easy going - perfect for an informal beach wedding. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair just wash, smooth on an anti frizz product and leave to dry naturally. Just before the ceremony run your fingers through your hair just to loosen it a bit and adorn with a beautiful beach wedding tiara or shell headband. If you have straight hair you will have to set your hair in curlers first or use a beach hair product to create this look. This is a lovely uncomplicated style that looks beautiful with a simple spaghetti strap dress.

Half Up, Half Down:

romantic hair for a beach wedding

This very pretty style is perfect if you are a romantic at heart. It is a half up and half down style that is utterly feminine. It is best suited to hair that is shoulder length or longer. This is quite a complicated style to do yourself, so it is best to take the picture to your hairdresser. Finish with a few fresh blooms or even some of these real touch orchids and voila! This style is best suited to a plain sleeveless dress as it makes quite a statement and you should not overdo things for a beach wedding.

Long and Tied Beach Wedding Hair:

Romantic hair for beach wedding

This is a fresh, sexy and uncomplicated beach wedding hairstyle. Wash your hair and work in a volumising product or mousse. Leave to dry naturally. Leave your hair messy and tie/plait loosely with a long length of crystals or a crystal lariat. Soft loose pieces along the hairline softens the face. This is a great style for windy days. If you do not have sufficient length or if your hair is not thick enough, a few hairpieces can be incorporated very easily to give the same effect. It is recommended that you pin the length of crystals in some places as it may become heavy and fall out. This is beautiful for a mermaid or other fantasy theme.

Simply Tied Beach Wedding Hair:

simple beach wedding hair style

This is a great way to wear your hair for your wedding if you are an uncomplicated person who wants something simple but pretty for her wedding day and you have lovely long hair. This is also great for windy days when loose hair will not work and can work well with curly, wavy and straight hair. Just wash your hair, blow dry, plait and tie. Use some firm hold spray to keep in place. Add a fresh bloom from your bouquet to the end of the plait for a touch of whimsy or if you are worried the flower will not last the heat, then try this Sunflower Hair Flower Clip. This style is beautiful if you are wearing a dress with a low back as it draws the eye there.

Mermaid Beach Wedding Hairstyle:

mermaid beach wedding hairstyle

If a fantasy mermaid wedding is what you have always wanted, then is is the hairstyle for you. This gorgeous mass of tumbling curls is finished off with a pearl and mother-of-pearl head band To achieve the look work in a volumising mousse and blow-dry. Using large tongs, curl the hair, pin the curls into place, and allow them to set. Then undo the pin curls and pin some of the hair back, leaving tendrils to fall loosely around the face and down the back. You might also need to tease on the crown of the head a little to create some volume there. Finally, spray each curl separately for maximum hold and shine, place the head band, and secure it with pins.

Very Curly Loose:

curly beach wedding hair

This fun and carefree beach wedding hairstyle is perfect if you have ethnic or very curly hair. Achieve the look by first wetting the hair, and then applying a curl-boosting treatment. This will help define the curls and lessen frizz. Use a diffuser to dry the hair. Then twist small sections around the front hairline and pinned them back behind the ears. To get into the seaside mood, twist a rope of seashells into the hair. Finish off with a firm hold spray.

Loose & Textured:

beach wedding hai

This style is the epitome of natural glamour. It is also super sexy. The hair is first curled, then teased to create volume and softly drawn away from the face. The hair then tumbles down gracefully onto the neck and back. Tie a simple band of lace or shells around your head and pin to hold the hair in place. Spray with hairspray to keep the style from becoming too windblown. This style will flatter any face shape.

Rastafarian Beach Wedding Dreadlocks:

funky beach wedding hairstyle

Try this unique beach wedding hairstyle if you want something completely different that people will be talking about for a long time to come! These Rastafarian locks are artificial and can be bought through a salon but your can use or create Rastafarian locks from your own hair as well. They are first sprayed with a colored paint suitable for hair and is then draped around the head and pinned to a chignon low in your neck. Crystal beads add a touch of glamor. This hairstyle is ideal to use with our Summer Sunshine Beach Wedding Theme. This theme is very summery and incorporates sunflowers, bright colors and reggae!

More Beach Wedding Hair Tips:

Remember to try your beach wedding hairstyle once or twice before the wedding to make sure you like the look, that it works well with your hair type and that you feel comfortable wearing it. Have fun!

Follow this link for some inspiration on choosing the perfect Beach Wedding Hairstyle Accessories to go with your beachy wedding hair. Here you will find info on choosing the right tiara, headband or hair hair pins and a few links to where you can find great hair accessories with a truly "beachy" feel.

Also keep in mind, that for your hair to look its best on your wedding day, you need to make sure you look after it in the months and weeks before your wedding by going for regular treatments and trims, but don't try a brand new haircut or color just before your wedding day. It might just add to your stress and your groom might not recognize his bride coming down the isle. You must look like a glorious version of yourself, not somebody else.

Check out our page on Beach Wedding Hairstyle Tips for some more ideas and tips on styling your hair for your beach wedding.

How To Video:

A fun how to tutorial on creating sexy, wavy beach hair that just looks incredible and can be used to create many of the styles on this page.

Once you have followed the tutorial above to create your wavy beach wedding hair, finish off your look with fresh flowers, a tiara, a headband or some other type of Beach Wedding Accessories For Hair.

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