Choosing Bridesmaids Dresses

Yes, choosing bridesmaids dresses can be problematic. Especially if your bridesmaids have different sizes, body shapes and skin tones.

Lots of bridesmaids worry about the dress the bride will make them wear to the wedding. And it is totally understandable as we all have our own body issues.

So, as a bride you have the pressure of choosing bridesmaids dresses that not only look great on your wedding photos and fit into your color scheme, but that also make your girls happy. First prize would be finding a dress that they can even use again!

Before you start looking around for those perfect dresses, read the following tips:

8 Tips on Choosing Bridesmaids Dresses

choosing bridesmaids dresses

1. Choosing bridesmaids dresses that flatter all types of figures can be a challenge. If you want one dress style that will flatter your plus size best friend and your model figured sister, then go for an A-line cut. This is more fitted around the bust and gently eases out. An A-line dress with an Empire waist will also suit most figures.

2. If you don't mind not having the same style for each bridesmaid, then have your dresses made out of the same fabric, but change the style to suit each of your bridesmaid's figures best.

3. Make a statement - go for a complete mix and match with fabric and style, but have the same overall color scheme. Think about a navy and white theme for example. If you have 4 bridesmaids have one in navy and white stripes, one in dots, one in a navy dress with a white sash and another in a dress with a white top and a navy skirt.

4. If your wedding is more about the fun of the event that the formalities, then why not reflect this with beach bridesmaids dresses that captures spirit of summer. Choose a printed fabric or opt for a sundress style. Also keep in mind that shorter dresses tend to be less formal as well.

5. If you want a dress that will not only suit any figure, look fabulous, can be worn in a variety of styles and that your bridesmaids will absolutely love, then go for a multi-way wrap dress. You could choose a particular style that your bridesmaids would like for your wedding day or have each one of your bridesmaids wrap the dress in a different way that she feels best flatters her figure. They come in a variety of different colors. It is the perfect solution for your bridesmaids beach wedding attire!

Have a look at the video below at just how versatile they are:

Click Here to order a multi-way wrap dress!

6. If you have a choice in the fabric to be used for your beach bridesmaids dresses, then choose floaty fabrics like chiffon, or any type of cotton. You could even go for a linen dress or a jersey type material. This will keep your bridesmaids cool in the heat.

7. As far as styles are concerned, anything really goes as long as it is not over-the-top formal and stiff. The best bets are knee-length or tea-length, strapless or with spaghetti straps. But a floor length bridesmaids dress made from a floaty material could also look stunning.

8. For beach bridesmaid’s dresses that really reflect an island theme, nothing would be more perfect than a Beach Cover Up or a traditional Tahitian pareo. Pareos come in many different colors/prints and can be worn/tied in a variety of ways.

It is also a great idea to buy one for yourself to add a touch of glamor to your honeymoon wardrobe!

See how to tie your pareo in many different ways:

The above suggestions are just to give you an idea of the different possibilities for beach bridesmaids dresses. Your theme veers from the traditional and so should the rest of the wedding, your bridesmaids outfits included.

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