Sand Ceremony Vows

Sand Ceremony Vows

Sand ceremony vows can be as individual as each couple, their circumstances and their beliefs. They add that special touch to the act of the sand ceremony and help to include the guests in the meaning it has for you.

Although it is rewarding and beautiful for you to write your own vows for this special part of your wedding ceremony, sometimes it is good to have some kind of example to base your vows on.

Below are some examples of what you can use. Each one is different and takes a different look at the meaning of the ceremony.

You can either have your officiant read the vows, or change them so that you are reading them to each other.

Please feel free to change these sand ceremony vows to suit your own personal lives and your relationship.

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Sand Ceremony Vow #1:

"Before the two of you met each other, you had separate lives, separate dreams and therefore, separate futures. But then your paths crossed, you fell in love with each other, and today you stand here in front of all of us, about to depart on this journey together."

"The two separate containers of sand in front of you symbolize your separate lives, separate families and separate circles of friends. All that has shaped you to be who you are today. They represent all that you are and all are capable on your own as an individual. They also represent your lives before coming here today... I now ask you to pour and blend your sand together."

"As these two containers of sand are poured into the third container, they symbolize the coming together of the two of you as individuals as well as the joining of families and friends. Just as these grains of sand come together to make beautiful and unique patterns, may your life together be forever blessed by the others uniqueness that can only be truly seen when contrasted against each other. "

Sand Ceremony Vow #2:

"We will now symbolize the union of (bridal couple's names) through the blending of two colored sands into one. Each different color represents their own uniqueness and all that has shaped them as individuals before this day when they have chosen to blend together their lives into one. As the two colored sands are now poured together we reflect upon the fact that we can only appreciate each other fully when our union enhances the things that make us unique."

While the two of you are pouring the sand, your officiant says: "We hope that while you will be inseparably joined in your love for each other, just as these grains of sand are now inseparable, that you will always keep reflecting and complimenting each others individuality. Separately we had two vases of sand, poured together we have a thing of beauty. "

Religious/Spiritual Vows:

The following vows are for those who want to bring something more religious or spiritual to their sand ceremony vows. I have written them below including the word "Love", but change it for God, Spirit or whatever will be appropriate for you.

"Today, Love has brought you here to join your two separate lives into one. Love will make your joys together more joyous and will make the tough times easier to bear. Love will nurture your growth as a couple as well as your growth as individuals."

"The pouring of these three colored sands will symbolize that although there are two individuals being joined into one, their union can only be complete if they include Love.

"We will first pour a base layer of sand to symbolize that this union is grounded in Love." (officiant pours sand)

"Then we will blend together the sands that represent each of their individual personalities, journeys and dreams."
(bride and groom pour their sands)

Vows Including the Parents:

Each of the bride and groom's parents will have a container with their child's color of sand. The bride and groom will each have empty containers.

"As each of your parents now blend together their sand into your individual vases we honor the parts that they played in making each of you the person that you are"

The parents now sit down and the bride and groom are each left with a container of sand.

"These two containers of sand that you are holding in your hands represent the two of your as individuals, they represent your separate families, separate lives and separate dreams"

"As you now blend together your two lives into one we reflect upon what has made you who we are, and how you are now joined as inseparably as these grains of sand."

Vows Including Children:

This is a wonderful version of the sand ceremony vows for those couples who either have their own children from another union, or who have children together before they get married.

"We are here today not only to join together a couple, we are also here to join together a family"

"Each of these colors represent your individual personalities, your individual spirits. The things that make each of your unique."

"As each one of you pours your unique sand, you are creating something more beautiful than each individual color, you are creating a family. A unit where each person's individuality is celebrated by the fact that it brings its own touch of beauty to the whole."

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