Wedding Sand Ceremony Ideas

wedding sand ceremony ideas

A wedding sand ceremony makes a great alternative to a unity candle ceremony, especially for a beach wedding. Sand is more "beachy" and you don't need to worry about the candles blowing out in the wind.

So, if you are planning to include this into your beach wedding ceremony, then perhaps you would like to personalize it a little to better reflect who the two of you are, what is important to you as well as your beliefs.

If you want to put this kind of ceremony together then have a look at our page on how to do a wedding sand ceremony.

Below are some ideas on how to personalize this and truly make it yours:

10 Sand Ceremony Ideas

  1. Coordinate the color of the sand to your wedding colors.
  2. Incorporate your parents. You can let your parents pour sand from each of their individual containers into yours, and then you and your spouse add your sand to the final container.
  3. If you already have children this is a beautiful way to make them part of your ceremony as well. Each child can have his or her own color to add to the mix.
  4. Pour the sand from large shells instead of the traditional glass containers.
  5. Keep some sand in your individual containers to symbolize that you will not lose your individuality in the joining with another.
  6. From the start of the ceremony, have some white sand in the bottom of the main vase to symbolize that God (the divine, spirit or whatever force you believe in) is what you are basing your marriage on.
  7. If you are not having your ceremony on the beach, then perhaps collect some sand from a beach that means something to the both of you and use this in your ceremony.
  8. If you are marrying somebody from a different country than yourself, then collect sand from both your countries to make a truly meaningful ceremony.
  9. For a spiritual or metaphysical approach to your sand ceremony, instead of having a main vase (in which you would store the sand as a keepsake), simply let the sand from your individual containers flow into each other, into the wind and back into the beach. This is symbolic of your coming together as individuals and yet joining the oneness of humankind again.
  10. If you want to carry this theme throughout your whole wedding you can also incorporate the same color sand on your table decorations.

Of course you can also further personalize your wedding sand ceremony by the vows or readings you choose to use with it.

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