How To: 4 Short Beach Wedding Hair Styles

Looking for the perfect short beach wedding hair styles? If you have short hair already or you are thinking of cutting your hair for your wedding day, then read on.

Perhaps your short hair or your decision is stressing you out a little - and what bride to be needs more stress in her life, right? People may be telling you that you don't really have all that many options for short hair, that you cannot make your hair look full and that you would probably need some extensions.

Well, don't stress about your short beach wedding hairstyle. Short beach wedding hairstyles can be incredibly sexy and fresh and does not have to be boring. It also does not need to be time consuming and you don't need to use expensive hair extensions.

Have a look below for some ideas of sexy short wedding hair. And remember, if one of the hairstyles below will not work for you for any reason, a pretty clip, Beach Wedding Headband, a simple Tiara or a fresh flower that matches your bouquet can go a long way to making you feel like a bride and a princess no matter how short your hair may be.

How To Style 1 - Straight and Loose Beach Wedding Hair:

Straight short beach wedding hai

For this short beach wedding hairstyle on the left, the hair is cut in a slightly layered style and looks fabulous with a few highlights or low-lights. After washing your hair with a volumizing shampoo, work a small amount of mousse or other volume-creating product into your hair. Blow dry. I would just tip my head upside down and dry the roots to give extra volume. Then to create the textured look, accentuate a few strands with styling wax. Either wear it loose as is or pin to one side with a pretty clip or flower. It would also look wonderful with a pretty tiara. Some dangling earrings adds a bit of balance. This is suitable for straight, wavy or curly hair.

How To Style 2 -
Curly and Loose Beach Wedding Hair:

Short Wavy Beach Wedding Hair

For this short beach wedding hairstyle on the left, the hair is pulled away from the face in textured waves and is crowned with a coral and netting tiara. It is great to accentuate soft facial features and beautiful cheekbones. The tiara can be easily hand made with some netting from material shops and some coral colored beads or even shells.

To achieve this effect first set your hair in Velcro curlers and blow-dry. Remove the curlers and hold your head upside down to loosen the curls with your fingers. Spray with a hairspray of your choice and scrunch into form with your hands. Wrap the tiara around your head and pin in place. Seashell jewellery completes the look. This look will also be great to use with any other beach wedding headband.

How To Style 3 - Short Beach Wedding Updo:

Beach Wedding Hairstyle Updo

For the ultimate in texture try this tangled creation as your short beach wedding hair style. For this style you will need some raffia and two types of rope. Wash and dry your hair naturally. With your fingers work in some gel or wax for texture. Plait, wrap or weave long pieces of the rope and raffia or other suitable material into the hair. Pin all the hair up along with the ends of the rope to create a messy tangled up-do. Finish with a little hairspray to keep everything in place. This is a great hairstyle if you have a sailing theme or are worried about wind wrecking havoc with your hair. It can work well with any type of hair, straight, wavy or curly and even ethnic hair.

How To Style 4 -
Short, Sexy and Wavy

Sexy Wavy Beach Wedding Hair

This is a super sexy, and easy to create look for short beach wedding hair. It works really well on almost all hair types (even dead straight) cut in a bob style. To create this easy look, wash, condition and towel dry your hair. Apply a some styling mousse that encourages curls and use a hair dryer with a deep bowl hair diffuser to dry slowly. To finish off this gorgeous beach wedding hair style, toss your hair forward and spray with a strong hold hairspray. For added shine finish off your look with a shine spray to really show off your gorgeous, sexy curls!

For even more inspiration on choosing the right beach wedding hair if you have shorter locks, have a look at this video:

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